Demand Generation and the Sales Funnel

Aug 7 • dhdadmin

If you recall from a previous blog, I talked about the relationship between lead generation and the sales funnel. For those who haven’t already read the article on The Sales Funnel: Lead Generation vs. Sales, you should do so. In the article I stress the importance of lead generation when it comes to forming a successful sales funnel.

What the article doesn’t talk about is the process before the sales funnel called demand generation. Demand generation is the process before all else with the main focus of stimulating interest in what your dealership sells. Like lead generation, demand generation makes the sales funnel possible. Even though demand generation isn’t technically included in the sales funnel, it still holds an important role just as any other steps included. Demand generation is not included in the sales funnel because the whole point of demand generation is to create and build interest – not to make a sale.

The best way to summarize demand generation is to label it as indirect marketing. Indirect marketing is done most commonly through social media outlets, and if you know anything about social media, the whole premise is relationship building. A Twitter or Facebook account, if used successfully, should only be about brand promoting – not the actual sale. Once consumers view their relationship with your dealership as one sided and only for the purpose of making the sale, a disconnect will then occur. As long as your dealership has the goal of relationship building, you wont be disrupting your audience.

If it’s indirect or even direct marketing you want to take advantage of, let DealerHD handle how you engage with your audience. If you want leads that will actually be turned into sales, let’s first start at demand generation and build up from there. Give us a call at 866-985-2411 or send an email to if you want more information on building a successful dealership.

SEM Campaigns and Your Dealership

Jul 25 • dhdadmin

The automotive industry and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) work amazing together. Consumers are using the Internet more and more to research their potential purchases. According to Haystak, “Search engines and dealership web sites are the most influential of all online resources. 84% of auto buyers use the internet to research their purchase.” With the majority of consumers researching cars online you have to make sure that your dealership sticks out. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns do just that. PPC advertisements are shown based off keywords that people type into their search engines. If you want an advertisement that’s going to lead consumers to your website effectively follow these rules:

  • First, create something that is going to be eye-catching and gains the consumers’ interest. Consumers are drawn to relevant phrases and numbers. Get your point across through minimal words and big attractive numbers or images.
  • The next rule is being able to guide your visitors back to your website through landing pages. In your advertisement, provide links to specific pages on your website that are not your homepage, and that have some sort of call to action. The potential customer wants to be able to find exactly what they are searching for through your links. Being able to satisfy visitors on the initial experience increases your chances of them becoming a customer.
  • The last important rule is managing out what you want the advertisement to do. It sounds easy but really what this means is being able to run multiple advertisements at the same time. If one advertisement is doing poorer than the other, you then know what works. You should manage the amount of time and resources you want to be invested also. In every business action there should be an ROI, and not managing your campaign can be costly. Hubspot released a simple template for you to follow when managing your budget, which can be found here.

If your marketing plan doesn’t include any type of SEM campaign then you are missing out. Let DealerHD get you setup with online advertising that works well with your industry. Don’t overburden one of your employees with the task of managing your SEM campaigns; that’s what we are for. Feel free to contact us at 866-985-2411 or with any questions you have about SEM campaigns.

Improving Leads through Dealer Chat

Jul 17 • dhdadmin

Chat has become a very popular feature on most dealership websites but is it working for your dealership? Do you feel like your provider is limiting you to a chat service that is not working for your dealership? DealerHD offers three types of chat services that are can be broken down here: Dealer-managed, hybrid and proactive chat. You might be asking which of these is the best fit for your dealership.

Dealer-managed chat is a great service you can offer for your visitors because the dealer employees responding make the experience very personal. These people have the most knowledge about your dealership and are the ones you actually meet when you go to the showroom. This chat service does have two main drawbacks though.

  • The first being that it costs a lot more money to staff someone to answer the chat compared to if you outsourced the chat to an answering center. People are not perfect and chat can be unmanned at any point in the day if you task an otherwise busy Internet Manager to sort out the leads.
  • The other main drawback is that the service is only offered within business hours. If a visitor wants to ask a question about a car on your website, they will have to wait until regular business hours to be answered.

Proactive chat is another option you have when it comes to chat services for your dealership website. This type of chat is handled by Dealer HD so you don’t have to worry about keeping an employee on task and available for chat in the dealership. Proactive chat is available 24/7 and great for smaller dealerships that can’t afford staffing more people to run the chat themselves. Going off a positive of dealer-managed chat, when using proactive chat you lose that personal vibe and trust when chatting with a call center.

The best option for your dealership could be a hybrid chat. explains hybrid as “Answer your own chats when you can (and enjoy that extra bump from the trust and rapport you build with shoppers) but when you can’t, don’t sweat it.” Having a hybrid chat solves the problem of limited availability and having to hire a complete chat team.

When building a website, enabling a chat service is a key feature. At DealerHD we understand what works and what doesn’t; let us help you build a relationship with your visitors and turn them into leads. If you have any questions about that process feel free to contact us at 866-985-2411 or

The Sales Funnel: Lead Generation vs. Sales

Jul 10 • dhdadmin

When you work in a field like the automotive industry, lead generation is everything. Being able to quantify and turn a lead into a sale can be worth thousands of dollars for your company. This is because the lead then becomes a buying and also service customer. As you can see lead generation is very important but also the step before and after lead generation has high importance. Denison Automotive wrote a very informative article on the sales funnel and how it is used in the automotive industry.

The sales funnel has a four step process consisting of the following: Internet Users, Visitors, Leads and then Sales. The first step is self-explanatory because those are users you are trying to attract. The visitors are the users on your website that are being tracked by your analytics software. In this process you are trying to find information about what the visitors are doing on your website such as bounce rates and pay-per-click campaigns, and what vehicles or pages they’re paying the most attention to. The visitors step is important because the information measured helps shape how to generate leads effectively.

The lead generation step helps gather interested consumers to your sales team. A lead can be anything from a phone call to an online form showing interest into the product or service you provide. Finally the last step in the sales funnel is the sales process. The three steps before lay the groundwork for the sales team to finish the sale.

When it comes to lead generation vs. sales, the lines between both functions are blurred together. The sales funnel is nothing if one of the steps is missing from the process.

If you are concerned that your dealership isn’t generating enough leads then give us a call at 866-985-2411 or send an email to We would love to help create the efficient sales funnel your dealership needs.

Importance of Keywords

Jun 20 • dhdadmin

As the automotive industry starts moving more and more into the digital marketplace, the importance of using effective keywords grows. An important factor when it comes to keywords is that it not only connects search tags but also the text from your website. This allows for potential customers to find what they are looking for just by what you have listed on your website.

It is very important to update your website frequently so that people can find the latest deals and newest arrivals from your dealership. Updating your website information such as car inventory is just one-way to increase the number and effectiveness of your keywords. Here is a list of other ways your website can increase traffic through keywords.

  • Create ways for people to interact with your content. The best way to market yourself is by having your customers do it for you. Be involved with multiple social media outlets and keep your fans posted with fresh content. Social media also gives your followers a voice. The best example of consumer content is through reviews. Dealerships can use user reviews as great advertising pieces that can increase traffic.
  • One way to create fresh content is by setting up a blog. Blogging is a great way to create more keywords for your website because its one big block of text. Blogging can also be a great way to link other content together. For example, wrote a great blog on “12 Ways to Increase Traffic…”. goes more in depth on ways to increase traffic through different outlets. Linking other people’s content to our own is a great way to create more keywords and traffic.
  • Successful websites link between one another. Linking between pages is kind of like going fishing with a net. The bigger the fishing net, the more opportunity of catching a fish. For websites, the more pages you offer on your website, there’s a higher likelihood of a consumer finding your website. When they find a sub page of your website make sure that it links back to your “hub” or usually your main website.

Your website holds so much potential, let DealerHD find the ways to better optimize your website traffic. If you have questions about how your business can better use keywords for your advantage please send an email to or give us a call at 866-985-2411.